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A 12-step approach to troubleshoot email issues

Basically, an email covers a broad category of services including, DNS and Website hosting services. Users of email services also face lots of issues and inconveniences, such as DNS settings; bounce backs; can’t send or receive emails; can receive, but can’t send emails; missing emails; slow email and disk quota errors; duplicate emails; emails downloading issues, and many more.

When it comes to getting numerous email issues, following is a 12-step approach that can be used for getting rid of hectic and annoying email issues. It includes:

Double Check your Outlook/Outlook Express Settings: Open Outlook/Outlook Express>click on Tools -> Accounts>click on Mail tab, double click on an email account to view info and settings for each email account>click (highlight) the extra or duplicate email accounts>Click on General tab, Servers tab, Advanced tab, accordingly>check your Outlook settings. Tech Support phone number for Outlook

Verify the spelling of account settings, domain name, account name, outgoing mail, and incoming mail twice.

Passwords are case sensitive so make sure you should have no CAP LOCK on.

Click on the Outbox and see if there are any email messages showing you have an email with a problem recipient stuck in your Outbox. If yes, click and move the message(s) to the Draft folder and delete the message(s) left in the Outbox.

Click on Send/Recv button to check your email before sending email. Double Check your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) setting if you receive but can’t send mails>contact your ISP to check your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) setting.

Double Check your Incoming Mail (POP3) settings if you can send emails but can’t receive emails. Login to your Web Mail and Delete any suspicious email culprit for blocking your Mailbox. Customer Support for IncrediMail

Double Check your Internet connection to ensure you can browse web sites.

Restart your computer as it may also solve your email problem.

Check your domain’s expiration date as domain name registrar companies may also turn off your domain after the domain is expired.

Misconfigured Firewall/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam software programs can also cause problems in sending and receiving emails. Disable these software programs in your computer temporarily. If it fixes your issues, they you should try updating/re-installing or re-configuring your Firewall/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam software correctly.

Write down the error message and number and search the error on Google, Yahoo, or MSN search.

If email messages stop downloading or keeps downloading the same messages repetitively, simply login to your Web Mail and delete all of the suspicious messages. Also, upgrade your Outlook/Outlook Express.

These steps are likely to resolve the issues of emails amicably. If users still find it hard to solve the problems, they can take help from independent tech support providing companies.

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