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Help with logging In

Learn how to solve common problems that can prevent you from logging in to your AT&T accounts at, including registration, IDs and passwords, spelling, and cookie settings.

Having trouble logging into your my AT&T account?

Don’t worry, a solution may be closer than you think.

We’ll go through some tips to help you solve some common login problems

Including registration, IDs and passwords, spelling, or case sensitive issues, and disabled cookies.

In order to successfully log in, you first need to be registered for a AT&T online account. If you haven’t done so, it’s easy to do.

Just select “Register” on the login page, then follow the steps to create an AT&T Access ID to manage all of your accounts online.

Another common issue is attempting to log in with a user ID and password associated with a different account, such as using your wireless user ID and password to access your AT&T U-verse account.

A key point to remember is that if you have an AT&T Access ID, then you should always use that to log in to the accounts you have associated with it.

An easy mistake to make is accidentally hitting a wrong key when typing.

Make sure you haven’t mistyped your user ID or password like confusing the lowercase L with the number one. Or mistaking the number zero for a capital O. Also, passwords are case sensitive, so make sure you’re using the right capital and lowercase letters when you type your password.

Some browsers may give you problems during log in if your cookies are disabled, so be sure to check your settings. If you don’t know how to enable your cookies or check your settings, see your browser’s help file.

Dial AT&T Customer Service Phone Number To Know More About Your First Bill

Once you have subscribed to ATT, you will receive a bill monthly. When it comes to ATT bills, there are so many queries about the first bill. A lot of customers dial the AT&T Customer Service Number just to get an explanation on their first bill. Common questions are: 1) why is my bill so high? 2) why am I billed in advance? Because of the popularity of these questions, I have found it crucial to give you a short explanation on what your first bill contains so that you will be enlightened about it.

How Do I Avoid Overages?

Budget your data usage throughout your billing cycle. Billing cycle is a monthly cycle that marks the day of the month when your bill period starts and ends. The date you see on your paper bill or online bill is called the bill cycle date. That is the actual date when your data usage starts being billed. By knowing your bill cycle, you will be able to budget how much data usage you can use per day so as to avoid excess payments when billing comes.

Get to know more about how to manage your data usage by calling the AT&T Customer Service Number.

Monitor frequently your data usage. The moment you call the AT&T Customer Service Number, you will be advised on the different mechanisms on how you can monitor your data usage. This helps you stay on track of your data usage limit and therefore avoid paying overages. Below are some of the methods of monitoring your usage:

Voice Alerts. Dial AT&T Customer Service Phone Number so that you will get notifications through text alerts whenever the amount of your data usage exceeds $20 of your monthly allotment.

Data Alerts. For those enrolled in ATT plans, ATT automatically prompts you through a free text message whenever you reach above 65% of your plan limit.

To get a detailed advice on how to monitor your data usage, call the AT&T Customer Service Phone Number.