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How to Troubleshoot “Outlook Not Receiving Email” Problem in Outlook Express?

Sometimes, you get dismayed after having your Outlook Express not receiving email from a certain email address as you might have been waiting for the message for some hours. And all of a sudden, you come to a conclusion to uninstall the email application and get a new one reinstalled on your computer system.

But it can lead to other problems as well. You would better go into the issue and root out the key reasons that have caused your Outlook Express behaving like this.

If you are unable to get email messages in your Outlook mailbox, there might be more than one reason responsible for the technical problem. Generally, it takes place due to short-term mail server issues, wrong Outlook Express settings, exceeded space allocation for your email account, erroneous MX records of the domain, and others. Incredimail Customer Support

So, having an issue in your Outlook Express doesn’t mean that the email application has gone corrupted; instead, you need to check the key reasons and resolve them to get your email application back to its normal working condition.

There are some independent Outlook technical support companies that offer reliable tech assistance to those who find their email application in ill-functioning conditions.

Here are some important aspects that you should correct when your Outlook Express develops any technical problem:

Mail server connectivity:

If your Outlook Express is not receiving emails, you better make sure the mail server set up has been configured properly. The standard server ports set up receiving messages through POP3 or IMAP protocols should have port 110 and port 143 correspondingly.

It is always recommended by the experts to check if the connection between your PC and the suitable port based on the email protocol your Outlook Express is configured to get incoming email messages.

Check the mail client settings:

Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP server) should be set up as: mail.yourdomain.com

SMTP server: mail.yourdomain.com

Username: you should provide your full e-mail address.

If you don’t remember your password, reset it through cPanel > Email Accounts.

Check the MX record:

The Mail Exchange (MX) record is a segment of your DNS and it finds out which server is presently handling your emails. Using the MX record, you can easily check if there is any issue with the server that is presently handling your email.

While the process requires some technical efficacy, you would better select an experienced Outlook technical support professional who can help you resolve the issue instantly.

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