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Quicken’s top priorities after acquisition by a new owner

he world’s widely used individual accounting software program from Intuit has a new identity as well as a new owner named HIG Capital, a Miami, Florida-based private equity firm. Now, the newly-independent Quicken will try to turn around years of overlook by its former parent Intuit. Interestingly, Intuit has sold its Quicken personal finance software to H.I.G. Capital but the current head of Quicken, Eric Dunn, would continue to run the business under the new owners.

“QuickBooks and TurboTax put Quicken into the shadows,” said Eric Dunn on Intuit’s two biggest revenue generators. “Marketing [at Intuit] was focused on the lower-hanging fruit, and not on acquiring new users [for Quicken]. Quicken can provide comprehensive capabilities for people with some additional complexity in their lives, which often starts to show up in people when they reach their 30s,” he added.

When asked about the working ability of the software after being sold to a new owner, Dunn confirmed Quicken as a durable software company which would last forever. The sale of Quicken and its acquisition by H.I.G. Capital will allow for improvements. Dunn assures existing Quicken users that the company is working its way to offer a possible revamping of the Windows version’s update process. He also promised addition of new attractive features and tools to the Mac edition. Quicken users can also take help from Quicken support center or any other independent tech support company for fixing all possible Quicken issues in the least amount of time. Technical support for Quicken

“We’re tackling the issues that customers have raised,” Dunn said. “The Windows product has a lot of functionality, but the cloud capability is limited — it only syncs a subset of accounts. There’s lots more that our customers expect from us,” he added. Refreshing and modernization of the UI, and make the program more robust and reliable are the top priority of the Quicken. “We’re evaluating a new software update technology,” Dunn said on the imperfection of update code. “We’ve found a third-party vendor that we think will do a better job [of updating Quicken],” he added.

When asked about Quicken for Mac’s functionality and development and its comparison with Windows, Dunn said it was in company’s top priorities. “This is number 3 or 4 on our list, definitely in the top 5,” said Dunn on Quicken 2016 for Mac users paying via Quicken Bill Pay. Dunn also confirmed that Quicken won’t become a cloud-based software service but would continue with the subscription policy.

As for the future of Quicken is concerned, Dunn says “I think [users] can be completely confident that Quicken will be there for another 30 years.” “In a couple of years from now, I hope they say, ‘Wow, this is the best Quicken ever,’” he added.

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