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Sage 50c: The new form of Sage 50 in a cloud version

Sage 50 is already a popular accounting and financial management software program for millions of users in all parts of the world. Now, it is coming to stun all in a new avatar which is a cloud-based version of the software. Sage Software is going to swap its Sage 50 accounting software (formerly Peachtree) with a new offering called Sage 50c. The “c” letter used in Sage 50c stands for “cloud”. It is also easy to see why Sage 50 will be able to store and share their accounting data via cloud in the new version.

Basically, Sage 50 was a desktop accounting solution for all small businesses at the global level. This accounting tool was, basically, offered in three versions: Pro, Premium, and Quantum. Pro is used by a single user only and it combines of accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management features. Premium is for 1-5 users and it covers features of automated tasks, audit trail, budgeting, and change order processing. Sage 50 c is the out-of-the-box accounting solution for small business market as it helps business owners perform accounting tasks. Sage 50 was an in-office solution and it had some limitations of local access only and destination-based data viewing. Now, the new Sage 50c has been ideally created in order to address these complaints and prepare a platform for running additional features in an effective manner. Let’s see how the new Sage 50c version works. Sage technical support number

Sage 50c must be installed on at least one computer system.

Once installed right in place, the Sage 50c administrator needs to be activated “Sage Drive” from within the software.

Once you activate the accounting software, your Sage 50c accounting data will be synched between your the secure cloud servers and desktops over at Sage. This handy feature is available free of cost.

After completion of the process of sharing in place, your Sage 50c administrator will let you some access to the data in the cloud for 5 named users.

All these 5 users can access your accounting data from anywhere at anytime with Sage 50c software installed a desktop or laptop.

If you don’t activate the Sage Drive, the software will operate like Sage 50.

Interestingly, Quantum is useful for 3-40 users and it is also known for covering accounting features of fast processing and workflow management. Quantum which is expandable for 40 users is also considered as “The real sweet spot for Sage 50 seemed to be 10 users or less,” by Shari Willman, the product marketing manager for Sage 50.

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